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Is Your Home Affected With Category 3 Water? Here Is How To Find Out

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

black water standing on a basement Flooded basement in an Oakford, PA residential home.

Not all water is the same. Authorities class the fluid into three categories, clean, gray and black water. These degrees have to do with the hazardous impact of the fluid and how they enter the premises. While homeowners in Oakford, PA, shouldn't want to suffer from any of these to infiltrate the property, the last one is of utmost concern, requiring thorough and meticulous cleanup. Here is how to know if you have dirty water in your home and how to clean it.

Where Did the Water Come From?

When you start to evaluate your flood impact, think about the following factors to determine if you require sewage cleanup:

  • Where did the water originate?
  • Could it contain bacteria?
  • What is the level of possible contamination?

A busted clean pipeline is unlikely to bring in harmful microorganisms. The dampness could trigger mold, but it isn't introducing any waste product. A gray line occurs from an indoor leak, often an appliance. Washing machines and dishwashers have hoses that carry away the dirty water. This fluid houses food and organisms. While not overly fraught with bacteria, cleaning is needed.
Black water arises from places that have human waste, animals or dirt. The impact from an external water source such as the ocean, river, or sewer line falls under this zone. Leaving category 2 water alone, such as in standing puddles or without proper cleanup, may also turn into this group as bacterial levels fester and spread.

What Can Owners Do About This Concern?
When category 3 breaches the home, immediately contact a water and sewage restoration company. Specialists should assess moisture saturation and contamination, taking samples from the walls and air, determining the type and extent of the flooding. Then, the team puts together an action plan to restore the residence using scientific studies and awareness.
The crew evaluates porous and nonporous materials, dictating what may be salvaged and what must go. They set to work reducing the humidity levels and securing the rooms from further harm.
Don't ignore black water. Because of its hazardous nature, it's prudent to work with professionals to sanitize the home quickly and effectively.

Follow These Tips To Safely Use Your Space Heater

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Portable Electric Heater, Halogen Light Heater Avoid having a burned space heater.

Follow These Tips To Safely Use Your Space Heater

A burned space heater turns a convenient way to warm a single room into a major fire hazard. Not only can you lose money on the purchase of a new device, but the costs can pile up if the fire damages your Fox Chase, PA, home. You can avoid this danger by using the device properly and safely with the help of these tips.

Keep Combustible Materials Away
Any room has many potential combustible materials around. When positioning the space heater, keep it away from:

  • Paper items (books, notebooks)
  • Fabrics (blankets, curtains, bedding)
  • Wooden furniture and items
  • Gas cans
  • Paint containers
  • Matches

All these materials can either burn fast when they are exposed to heat or react violently to it. You can prevent these interactions by placing the heater flat on a flat floor with no objects near it.

Clean the Air Filters
Another common cause behind a burned space heater is filthy and overstuffed filters. A space heater is usually left idle for long periods of time and eventually gathers dust that can clog up the air filters, causing them to overheat and start a fire. You can stop this incident by cleaning the filters at least twice a year. Wear protective gear, turn off the device and carefully clean the filters and other internal components with compressed air, a vacuum or a duster.

Unplug Heater When Necessary
A space heater requires minimal operation when you use it to warm a single location. Its simple use and its effectiveness over time can tempt you to leave it on while you do to another room or go to sleep. However, it can overheat or malfunction, lighting a fire without your knowledge. Unplug the device before leaving the room or going to sleep. Alternatively, look for a heater that has advanced safety features like automatic shut-off.
Reliable emergency restoration services can help you with fire damage and smoke cleanup, but you can prevent this situation with enough prevention. Follow these safe use practices to avoid having a burned space heater.

How SERVPRO Can Help With Emergency Response

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

Moisture meter placed on wooden floor SERVPRO can provide comprehensive pretesting services.

How SERVPRO Can Help With Emergency Response

When you are in an emergency, time matters. Fortunately, you can make this process easier by going through a damage remediation company in Eddington, PA. They provide a variety of claim services to help you get back on your feet quickly. They do this by working with your insurance company while performing cleanup services.

SERVPRO can provide comprehensive pretesting services like:

  • Assessing the damage
  • Stopping problems before they get worse
  • Taking an accurate account of what needs to be done and when

Each of these services can prove vital to you resuming your normal business operations.

Emergency Response
They are available during an emergency and have a local emergency response team. This helps to mitigate any incidental damage. They will be able to get to you quickly and are trained to deal with almost every type of emergency. Whether it is a storm, fire or flood that left your business damaged, you can count on them to be there for you quickly.

Claim Services
They can help you with the complicated process of filing the correct insurance claim. They offer services like electronic filing and online access to your claim files. They also work with a vast network of insurance companies, so there is a good chance that they understand any particular company's claims process. This can be invaluable when you just want the problem handled.

Trained Teams
SERVPRO trains all of its response teams in all aspects of fire, water, storm, cleanup and restoration. Their technicians have an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration certification. This means that you are getting the absolute best service and people who know what they are doing when it comes to various restoration situations. They also know how to speak with insurance companies and agents to achieve the best result.
When it comes to claim services, you want a company that has a good reputation with insurance companies. Only someone who knows the ins and outs of damage restoration and insurance can give you the best service possible.

Common Water Issues In Commercial Buildings

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Large crack in a reinforced concrete foundation and brick wall A damaged building foundation can cause a damaged plumbing system or other plumbing issues.

Three Of The Most Common Water Issues For Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial building in Woodbourne, PA, there are many things you need to keep in mind to keep your building and employees safe. One of the most common causes of building damage is water damage such as leaking pipes. This type of water damage is preventable if you know the signs of common water problems. 

1. Foundation Problems
If your commercial building's foundation is damaged, it can lead to major issues, especially if you do not address it promptly. Foundation issues caused by plumbing problems can cause drainage issues and soil displacement. These are issues that can cause your building's foundation to shift, crack or otherwise become damaged. A damaged building foundation can cause a damaged plumbing system or other plumbing issues. It may also lead to a loss of structural integrity, leaving your building vulnerable to further issues such as ceiling or wall cracks.

2. Deteriorated Sewer Lines
If your building has cast-iron sewer lines, you should be on the lookout for deterioration, excessive wear, or failure of these lines. A sewer line issue can present itself in many ways, including gas odors in the sewer or excessive drain clogging such as toilet backup or leaking pipes. Additionally, unusual indentation and deformation in landscape areas of your building can indicate a sewage problem. If you suspect that your commercial building has deteriorated sewer lines, you should call in an emergency water damage company to fix this issue before it becomes a bigger problem, as leaving deteriorated sewer lines can cause further issues down the line.

3. Water Pipe Damage
A pipe break, burst pipe, or leak can quickly become a costly issue. By dealing with this issue promptly, you can avoid the consequences of water pipe damage such as damaged walls, floors, or ceilings. Additionally, leaving these problems unattended makes your building vulnerable to mold and mildew. Be on the lookout for signs of leaking pipes, such as bulging walls or water stains.
It's important to act quickly if you notice any type of water issue to prevent lasting damages and call in a professional water restoration company.

How Do You Estimate Fire Damage to a Commercial Building?

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial fire damage in Oakford, PA

After a commercial fire in Oakford, PA, you’ll need to get an estimate for the repairs to your building. Depending on your insurance company and the policy, this will most likely be developed by the restoration company in conjunction with your insurance adjuster.
However, having some knowledge about what’s involved can help you understand the process and note anything that’s of concern. Some insurance companies can try to reduce the payout, so it’s best if you know your rights.

What Are the Basic Factors Impacting Your Estimate?

Your insurance policy may have limitations, exclusions and riders that will alter your payout. The deductible, or the portion of the damages you’re required to pay, will also vary. Overall, there are three causal factors that impact the cost to repair fire damage:

  • How much of your building was damaged.
  • The type and purpose of the building.
  • The market value of your building.

How Bad Is Smoke Damage?
A major part of the appraisal is based on smoke damage. Smoke is insidious; it gets everywhere, finding tiny gaps and embedding itself into anything remotely porous.
Cleaning up the odor and toxic residue requires very specialized equipment and disinfectants in Oakford, PA. Always choose a local company with plenty of experience in deep cleaning and odor removal. They’ll have high-volume air scrubbers and heavy-duty odor absorbers that strip the oily residue away. Highly absorbent items such as carpet and drywall far removed from the flames still may have to be fully replaced.

Do New Repairs Have to Match Existing Areas?
When you receive the estimate, make sure the adjuster has allowed for repairs to appear uniform. The new portions must have a consistent appearance with new materials and paint matching what already exists. New construction shouldn’t be noticeable to the casual eye.
Some policies will also include lost possessions. Also, you can get a rider to cover your loss of normal business during repairs or other interrupting events. This type of insurance can be expensive, so talk with your agent to determine what’s best for you.

Is Fire a Covered Peril?

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside Fire damage in Eddington, PA

Expenses associated with fire damage cleanup and restoration damage can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Business or building owners who have commercial property insurance should be able to file a fire insurance claim to cover most expenses associated with restoring fire damage and replacing losses. Policy details including endorsements, exclusions, or limits determine the amount of coverage.

Commercial Property Coverage

Commercial property insurance policies cover most fire restoration costs. Fire damage may not be covered if this peril is excluded or any of the following factors apply:

  • Arson or intentional fire
  • No property insurance coverage
  • Vacant property

As long as a property is covered by an insurance policy, some funding should be available to mitigate, clean, and restore fire damage. The amount of coverage available depends on policy limits, endorsements, and exclusions.

Exclusions and Limits
Some types of coverage may be cut out of commercial property insurance policies. Exclusions are more likely for issues such as mold, which tends to originate as secondary damage due to primary water damage that was not properly restored. An insurance policy may only provide a limited amount of coverage for smoke cleanup and other supplementary cleaning and restoration procedures.

Additional Fire Coverage
A business that uses combustible or flammable substances on a regular basis along with other risk factors such as heat may want to obtain additional fire insurance. Depending on the property insurance policy, this coverage may be available as an endorsement or rider. Additional policies may be necessary for specific risks.
All of these factors determine how much coverage is available for fire damage mitigation, cleanup, and restoration. It may be necessary to tear out damaged materials and rebuild portions of a commercial building in Eddington, PA. Assessing risks, prioritizing safety, and maintaining a sufficient level of fire insurance coverage gives building and business owners more peace of mind.

6 Tips to Avoid a Grill Fire

1/28/2021 (Permalink)

Cleaning a grill at a summer barbecue party. Every time the grill is used the grates should be cleaned

Six Grilling Tips

For many people in Hulmeville, PA, warm weather creates the urge to fire up the grill. Enjoying good food and your backyard oasis with friends and family can quickly become a bad memory if a grill fire breaks out. In the right circumstances, even a small flare-up could lead to needing a fire and smoke damage restoration expert to get your home back to how it should be. To help keep the memories good ones, below are six grilling tips to keep in mind.

1. Only Outdoors
No matter if using charcoal or a gas grill, this method of cooking should only take place outdoors.

2. The Right Location
Ensure grills are located away from the home or other structures, including near covered porches, sheds, or garages. Verify that there is nothing above the grill, such as an overhang or branch. Keep flammable decorations away from the grilling area.

3. Trim the Fat
Grease is the main culprit in a grill fire. Although good marbling gives meat tenderness, ensure there isn’t any excess fat. Keep a spray bottle filled with water when cooking extra fatty meat.

4. Stay Alert
Grilling requires focus. Leaving a lit grill with food cooking on it can easily lead to a barbeque fire. From flare-ups to it accidentally getting knocked over, tending to your duties as the grillmaster should take the top priority.

5. Clean Counts
Every time the grill is used the grates should be cleaned. Deep cleaning should happen a couple of times a year. When grill time is over, let it cool. Placing a cover over it while it still hot could lead to a fire.

6. Inspect Before Using
If using a gas grill, inspect the tank, knobs, and hoses for any damage or potential leaks.
There is nothing quite like backyard fun, so make sure to keep safety on your mind when grilling to avoid a grill fire.

Hidden Mold Locations in Commercial Facilities

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wallboard If your wallboard has been damaged by mold, you will have to discard it

Inspect The Following Locations

Mold growth does not always occur in obvious places. All the fungus needs is a dark and moist surface with organic nutrients. Unfortunately, most parts of a facility include these ingredients. You should thus regularly check your Hulmeville, PA, property for signs of the fungus. Mold commonly appears in the below areas, so be sure to inspect these locations vigilantly.

1. Wallboard
A flood or leak can quickly soak the wallboard in your building. Even condensation can create the moisture that encourages the spread of mold. If you remove the excess water in your building within two days, you may be able to salvage the wallboard. However, if the water physically damaged the wallboard, you will have to discard it.

2. Paper
You probably have storage rooms full of paper documents. Perhaps the paper is piled up in your hallway or closet, as well. Many of these locations feature the high humidity that mold loves. A leak that soaks these papers could cause mold growth, as well.
Any papers that have been wet for more than 48 hours may require professional drying and cleaning. Papers that were exposed to the water for two days or fewer should be dried and photocopied before you discard them.

3. Ceiling Tiles
The tiles in your ceiling are fairly porous. This means they absorb the dirt and moisture that mold needs to grow. During your inspection, pay special attention to the tiles above HVAC vents. They often accumulate more moisture since they are in a humid part of the building.
Tiles may also sustain water damage following a roof or pipe leak. Stains are evidence that the tiles have gotten wet. Any stains that you discover during your inspection should be investigated right away.
If you find even a small amount of mold on your property, call restoration and cleanup professionals immediately. They can clean the affected areas and help prevent future mold growth.

Preserving Your Memories After Flooding

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in utility room Water damage restoration in Feasterville, PA

Preserving Your Memories After Flooding

Water in the home can be a terribly destructive force. Not only can it cause damage to the structure of your home, but it poses a great risk to your possessions. While many items are replaceable, the restoration of heirlooms, photographs, and documents can be the longest and hardest part of the recovery process. Salvaging these begins with cleaning the items, then drying them, and sanitizing if needed. Sanitizing can be required if the water is contaminated but is usually not necessary if the water came from a clean source like a broken pipe. Cleaning is largely limited to wet cleaning — rinsing or immersing in water and cleaner — and dry cleaning for fabrics and textiles. Drying is the most important part of the process for preserving the longevity of the items, and can be done in several ways:

  • Dehumidification
  • Vacuum Thermal Drying
  • Vacuum Freeze Drying
  • Air Drying

All but the last require specialized equipment and should be done by a trained restoration specialist in Feasterville, PA.

Air Drying
Air drying is accessible for most people after discovering water in the home. It can be done indoors, with fans and good air circulation. It is important to properly support any fragile documents during this process, so they are often laid out on or packed with an absorbent fabric. It is important not to do this outdoors, as temperature fluctuations and sunlight can cause further damage. Consumer dehumidifiers can help speed this process as well. Many items can be air-dried without loss of integrity, but it is very important to ensure they are completely dry before packaging for storage.
The aftermath of unexpected water in the home can be a chaotic time, and the hardest part can be worrying about your prized possessions. With knowledge of the options for cleaning and drying, you can alleviate some of the stress of the recovery effort.

3 Tips for Dealing With Water Damage After a Fire

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Firefighters putting out a fire in a big building Fires can be extremely destructive, with the heat and flames

These Three Tips Will Help You Deal With Water Damage After a Fire

Fires can be extremely destructive, with the heat and flames causing large amounts of damage that are compounded by the smoke and soot damage left behind. Additionally, the water used to combat fires can further damage your property and contribute to future problems, such as mold growth. Prompt water cleanup after a fire can reduce the amount of property damage caused.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company
Before you begin to address the fire damage, water damage, and smoke cleanup, contact your insurance company to file a claim. You can make some temporary repairs on your own, but wait for the insurance company to give you the go-ahead to begin permanent repairs. The insurance company will probably want to send someone out to inspect your damage before authorizing any repairs or restoration services in Trevose, PA.

2. Dry Out Your Property
Once you get the go-ahead from your insurance company, begin the process of drying out your property. The earlier you start water cleanup, the better chance you have of avoiding problems, such as mold growth, and salvaging your property. Most businesses lack the equipment and expertise to mitigate water damage on their own. You may want to contact a professional water mitigation service. In the meantime, if the weather permits it, open as many doors and windows as possible to start the drying process.

3. Document the Damage
When the fire department deems it safe to reenter the building and begin fire cleanup, take photographs and make note of property that was damaged as a result of the fire. Include any items that have mold growth that may have resulted from water damage.
Fire, smoke, and water can combine to wreak havoc on your business when a fire occurs. Prompt water cleanup can help you mitigate your damages and avoid future problems.