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How to Save Your Belongings from Water Damage

10/12/2021 (Permalink)

How to Save Your Belongings from Water Damage

Water damage can be a really scary thing to experience. What do you do if your belongings get wet and moldy? The answer is simple: don't panic! We have put together this blog post to help give you some tips and tricks for saving your possessions from water damage. Read on for more information about what to do in the event of a flood, how to prevent water damage, and more.

Keep Your Valuable at a High Point during a Flood

During a flood, the first thing you are likely to think about is what valuables can be saved. If there isn't an immediate threat of your home being flooded, try moving them to higher points in order to keep them safe from water damage. The main things that should be moved would be anything digital or electronic-based because these could easily become destroyed by moisture in the air. You also want to make sure any important documents and photos are kept out of harm's way since they contain sensitive information which needs protecting! Keeping items at high points will help ensure they stay dry during a flood so don't forget this step if one becomes imminent!

Seal Your Belongings in Zip lock Bags before Putting Them Away

If you feel like there's a chance of your belongings getting wet, it is important to seal them up in zip lock bags before putting them away. This will help ensure they stay dry during the flood and any furniture or other items won't get damaged by moisture either! If something does happen, at least you can be more confident that your valuables are safe inside their packaging.

Remove All Your Belongings from the Basement

If you have a basement, it is best to remove all your belongings from that area. This might seem like an extreme way of preventing water damage, but basements are known for being susceptible to flooding so there's no point in taking any risks! If you don't want anything getting wet or damaged because of the flood, this is one simple step which will go a long way toward keeping everything nice and dry during the event.

Avoid Keeping Anything outside the House during Flood Warning

If you live in a flood-prone area, it is best to avoid keeping anything outside the house during a flood warning. This means that if you have something like an outdoor fridge or freezer, leave them where they are because there's no point putting your belongings at risk of being damaged by water. If the items do get wet and moldy, you will still be able to use them but discarding them might not even be necessary!

Don’t Put Your Furniture near Pipes or Drainage Systems

If you have a lot of furniture in the house, it is best to put them away from pipes or drainage systems. If they get wet, these items can cause water damage and moldy smells within your home which no one wants! Try placing all heavy pieces further back against walls where they won't be near anything that will cause problems when there's a flood. This simple step could save several possessions from being damaged by moisture during floods so make sure any big pieces are kept well clear of problem areas!

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