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What to Do About Mold Odors in Your Home

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

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Mold Odor In Your Home? What To Do?

If you have noticed a persistent, musty odor in your home, you should find out if the odor is caused by a mold infestation that requires your attention. Mold is a common type of microscopic fungus that releases airborne spores as part of a reproductive cycle. While spores can be relatively innocuous, some types of mold release spores that contain a hazardous mycotoxin.

1. Determine if Your Home is Affected
Locating mold in your home can be relatively simple. Many forms are clearly visible as blotchy growths that form in warm, moist areas. While black mold is the most feared form of mold, it is advisable to remove any significant mold buildup whenever practicable. Black mold can actually refer to green or brown varieties, so you should never limit your search only to black colored types. Both mycotoxin and related volatile organic compounds cause a distinct, musty odor that can help you determine whether or not you have a problem.

2. Clean Your Home
While many common household afflictions are relatively simple to fix, mold remediation is tricky when attempted without expert help. Contact a cleanup professional who can provide you with the knowledge, equipment and personnel you need to restore your home quickly. If your problem is caused by a localized moisture problem, an expert may want to measure the moisture levels of your affected spaces so that freely traveling spores do not recolonize the places you just cleaned.

3. Use an Air Filter
After your living spaces are cleaned with an anti-fungal solution, you may still detect a musty odor. Make sure that the air in your house is thoroughly filtered with a HEPA filtration device. Increased airflow can also help to dehumidify environments that might otherwise collect moisture.
If you have had a mold infestation in Oakford, PA, you may be wondering if unpleasant odors will ever go away. Luckily, HEPA and other devices that improve air quality are better suited now than ever before at removing mycotoxin odors and preventing further damage to your home.

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